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BITFTP is a mail server for BITNET users. You send it electronic mail messages requesting files, and it sends you back the files by electronic mail. BITFTP currently serves only users who send it mail from nodes that are directly on BITNET, EARN, or NETNORTH. BITFTP is a public service of Princeton University. Here's how it works.

To use BITFTP, send mail containing your ftp commands to BITFTP@PUCC. For a complete help file, send HELP as the message body.

The following is the message body you should send to BITFTP:

FTP  ftp.uu.net  NETDATA
USER  anonymous
PASS your Internet email address (not your bitnet address)
CD  /published/oreilly/nutshell/ksh
GET  ksh.tar.Z

Once you've got the desired file, follow the directions under FTP to extract the files from the archive. Since you are probably not on a UNIX system, you may need to get versions of uudecode, uncompress, atob, and tar for your system. VMS, DOS, and Mac versions are available. The VMS versions are on gatekeeper.dec.com in /archive/pub/VMS.

Questions about BITFTP can be directed to Melinda Varian, MAINT@PUCC on BITNET.

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