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Obtaining Sample Programs


UUCP is standard on virtually all UNIX systems, and is available for IBM-compatible PCs and Apple Macintoshes. The examples are available by UUCP via modem from UUNET; UUNET's connect-time charges apply.

You can get the examples from UUNET whether you have an account or not. If you or your company has an account with UUNET, you will have a system with a direct UUCP connection to UUNET. Find that system, and type:

% uucp uunet!~/published/oreilly/nutshell/ksh/ksh.tar.Z \

The backslashes can be omitted if you use the Bourne shell (sh) instead of csh. The file should appear some time later (up to a day or more) in the directory /usr/spool/uucppublic/yourname. If you don't have an account but would like one so that you can get electronic mail, then contact UUNET at 703-204-8000.

Try to get the file /published/oreilly/nutshell/ksh/ls-lR.Z as a short test file containing the filenames and sizes of all the files in the directory.

Once you've got the desired file, follow the directions under FTP to extract the files from the archive.

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