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FTPMAIL is a mail server available to anyone who can send electronic mail to and receive it from Internet sites. This includes any company or service provider that allows email connections to the Internet. Here's how you do it.

You send mail to ftpmail@online.ora.com. In the message body, give the FTP commands you want to run. The server will run anonymous FTP for you and mail the files back to you. To get a complete help file, send a message with no subject and the single word "help" in the body. The following is an example mail session that should get you the examples. This command sends you a listing of the files in the selected directory, and the requested example files. The listing is useful if there's a later version of the examples you're interested in.

% mail ftpmail@online.ora.com
reply alan@ora.com	(where you want files mailed)
chdir /published/oreilly/nutshell/ksh
mode binary
uuencode	(or btoa if you have it)
get ksh.tar.Z

A signature at the end of the message is acceptable as long as it appears after "quit."

All retrieved files will be split into 60KB chunks and mailed to you. You then remove the mail headers and concatenate them into one file, and then uudecode or atob it. Once you've got the desired file, follow the directions under FTP to extract the files from the archive.

VMS, DOS, and Mac versions of uudecode, atob, uncompress, and tar are available. The VMS versions are on gatekeeper.dec.com in /archive/pub/VMS.

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