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C.3 elvis 2.0 Options

elvis 2.0 has a total of 144 options that affect its behavior. Table C.3 summarizes the most important ones. Most options described in Table C.1 are not repeated here.

Table C.3: elvis 2.0 Set Options
autoiconify (aic)noautoiconify

Iconify the old window when de-iconifying a new one.

backup (bk)nobackup

Make a backup file (xxx.bak) before writing the current file out to disk.

binary (bin)

The buffer's data is not text. This option is set automatically.

boldfont (xfb)

The name of the bold font.

bufdisplay (bd)normal

The default display mode for the buffer (hex, html, man, normal, or syntax).

ccprg (cp)cc ($1?$1:$2)

The shell command for :cc.

commentfont (cfont)

The name of the font used for comments.

directory (dir)

Where to store temporary files. The default is system dependent.

display (mode)normal

The name of current display mode, set by the :display command.

elvispath (epath)

A list of directories in which to search for configuration files. The default is system dependent.

focusnew (fn)focusnew

Force keyboard focus into the new window.

functionfont (ffont)

The name of the font used for function names.

gdefault (gd)nogdefault

Causes the substitute command to change all instances.

home (home)$HOME

The home directory for ~ in filenames.

italicfont (xfi)

The name of the italic font.

keywordfont (kfont)

The name of the font used for reserved words.

lpcolumns (lpcols)80

The width of a printer page; for :lpr.

lpcrlf (lpc)nolpcrlf

The printer needs CR-LF for newline in the file; for :lpr.

lpformfeed (lpff)nolpformfeed

Send a form-feed after the last page; for :lpr.

lplines (lprows)60

The length of a printer page; for :lpr.

lppaper (lpp)letter

The paper size (letter, a4, ...) for PostScript printers; for :lpr.

lpout (lpo)

The printer file or filter, for :lpr. A typical value might be !lpr. The default is system dependent.

lptype (lpt)dumb

The printer type, for :lpr. The value should be one of: ps, ps2, epson, pana, ibm, hp, cr, bs, or dumb.

lpwrap (lpw)lpwrap

Simulate line-wrap; for :lpr.

makeprg (mp)make $1

The shell command for :make.

normalfont (xfn)

The name of the normal font.

otherfont (ofont)

The font used for other symbols.

prepfont (pfont)

The font used for preprocessor commands.

ruler (ru)noruler

Display the cursor's line and column.

safer (trapunsafe)nosafer

Be paranoid; use the :safer command to set this, don't do it directly.

showmarkups (smu)noshowmarkups

For the man and html modes, show the markup at the cursor position, but not elsewhere.

sidescroll (ss)0

The sideways scrolling amount. Zero mimics vi, making lines wrap.

stringfont (sfont)

The font used for strings.

taglength (tl)0

Defines number of characters that are significant for tags. Default (zero) means that all characters are significant.

tags (tagpath)tags

The list of possible tag files.

tagstack (tsk)tagstack

Remember the origin of tag searches on a stack.

undolevels (ul)0

The number of undoable commands. Zero mimics vi. You probably want to set this to a bigger number.

variablefont (vfont)

The font used for variables.

warpback (wb)nowarpback

Upon exit, move the pointer back to the xterm which started elvis.

warpto (wt)don't

How ^W ^W forces pointer movement: don't for no movement, scrollbar moves the pointer to the scrollbar, origin moves the pointer to the upper left corner, and corners moves it to the corners furthest from and nearest to the current cursor position. This forces the X display to pan, to make sure the window is entirely onscreen.

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