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10.7 Extended Regular Expressions

Extended regular expressions were introduced in Section 8.4, "Extended Regular Expressions" in Chapter 8. The additional metacharacters available in elvis are:


Matches one or more of the preceding regular expressions.


Matches zero or one of the preceding regular expressions.


Matches the word under the cursor.


Indicates where to put the cursor when the text is matched. For instance, hel\=lo would put the cursor on the second l in the next occurrence of hello.


Describes an interval expression, such as x\{1,3\} to match x, xx, or xxx.

POSIX bracket expressions (character classes, etc.) are not available,[2] nor is alternation with the | character or grouping with parentheses.

[2] Well, in elvis 2.0 they're there, they just don't work. This is fixed in elvis 2.1.

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