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B. Reference Lists

Invocation Options
Built-in Commands and Keywords
Built-in Shell Variables
Test Operators
Typeset Options
Emacs Mode Commands
Vi Control Mode Commands

B.1 Invocation Options

Here is a list of the options you can use when invoking the Korn shell. In addition to these, any set option can be used on the command line; see Table B.5 below. Login shells are usually invoked with the options -i (interactive), -s (read from standard input), and -m -able job control).
-c stringExecute string, then exit.

Read commands from the standard input. If an argument is given, this flag takes precedence (i.e., the argument won't be treated as a script name and standard input will be read).

-iInteractive shell. Ignore signals TERM, INTR, and QUIT.
-rRestricted shell. See Chapter 10, Korn Shell Administration.

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