XCII. YP/NIS Functions

NIS (formerly called Yellow Pages) allows network management of important administrative files (e.g. the password file). For more information refer to the NIS manpage and Introduction to YP/NIS. There is also a book called Managing NFS and NIS by Hal Stern.

To get these functions to work, you have to configure PHP with --with-yp(PHP 3) or --enable-yp(PHP 4).

Table of Contents
yp_get_default_domain -- Fetches the machine's default NIS domain
yp_order -- Returns the order number for a map
yp_master --  Returns the machine name of the master NIS server for a map
yp_match -- Returns the matched line
yp_first --  Returns the first key-value pair from the named map
yp_next -- Returns the next key-value pair in the named map.