XLIV. Mail functions

The mail() function allows you to send mail

Mail Configuration Directives

SMTP string

DNS name or IP address of the SMTP server PHP under Windows should use for mail sent with the mail() function.

sendmail_from string

Which "From:" mail address should be used in mail sent from PHP under Windows.

sendmail_path string

Where the sendmail program can be found, usually /usr/sbin/sendmail or /usr/lib/sendmail configure does an honest attempt of locating this one for you and set a default, but if it fails, you can set it here.

Systems not using sendmail should set this directive to the sendmail wrapper/replacement their mail system offers, if any. For example, Qmail users can normally set it to /var/qmail/bin/sendmail.

Table of Contents
mail -- send mail
ezmlm_hash -- Calculate the hash value needed by EZMLM