XIII. Crédit Mutuel CyberMUT functions

This extension allows you to process credit cards transactions using Crédit Mutuel CyberMUT system ( http://www.creditmutuel.fr/centre_commercial/vendez_sur_internet.html).

CynerMUT is a popular Web Payment Service in France, provided by the Crédit Mutuel bank. If you are foreign in France, these functions will not be useful for you.

These functions are only available if PHP has been compiled with the --with-cybermut[=DIR] option, where DIR is the location of libcm-mac.a and cm-mac.h. You will require the appropriate SDK for your platform, which may be sent to you after your CyberMUT's subscription (contact them via Web, or go to the nearest Crédit Mutuel).

The use of these functions is almost identical to the original functions, except for the parameters of return for cybermut_creerformulairecm() and cybermut_creerreponsecm(), which are returned directly by functions PHP, whereas they had passed in reference in the original functions.

These functions have been added in PHP 4.0.6.

Note: These functions only provide a link to CyberMUT SDK. Be sure to read the CyberMUT Developers Guide for full details of the required parameters.

Table of Contents
cybermut_creerformulairecm -- Generate HTML form of request for payment
cybermut_testmac --  Make sure that there no was data diddling contained in the received message of confirmation
cybermut_creerreponsecm --  Generate the acknowledgement of delivery of the confirmation of payment